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The next day's night time period is getting closer.We simply made room assignments for the night. The rule we adopted is that the person with the higher bid will be accommodated in the room closer to the detective, and everyone will be arranged in this order, and the rest of the rooms will be occupied by Wuqie and Qicun.The two of them didn't rely on finger-guessing to make a decision, they each picked the room they liked. However, how the rooms are allocated tonight may not make much sense, because Minase, who has "detective power", has already declared that he will not save anyone.

If this continues, it will be effortless for the prisoner to kill. Who will be killed tonight?Who is the criminal's target? Without the "detective power", I was helpless and completely powerless.I became a detective because I wanted to help others, but unexpectedly, I couldn't even realize this wish. Maybe the next target of the prisoner is me.Or, the criminal's target would be Mistcut. Just thinking about it makes me feel restless.What should I do. When I walked up the stairs leading to the third floor, Wuqie suddenly whispered to me. "Sister Jie, are you ready for that?"

"Of course." Just now, Wuqie told me to stuff as much bottled drinking water as possible into my backpack.Although I didn't understand what it was for, I followed her instructions and filled a backpack full of water. "After everyone is in the room, you come out into the corridor." She seems to have an idea.In this desperate situation, she still did not give up.She gave me hope. Before ten o'clock came, Minase was locked in the room and couldn't leave.He has "detective rights" and his life is guaranteed. This evening must have been a pleasant time for him.

The losers at the auction all had uneasy expressions on their faces. In order to ensure that they abide by the rules of access control, they entered the room individually. At nine fifty, everyone seems to have entered the room.I sneaked into the corridor, when the fog cut also appeared at the corner of the corridor. I almost had an urge to pounce on her and hug her tightly, but I still tried to calm myself down. "Sister Wuqie, what should I do next?" I asked her in a low voice. "We will be locked in the room tonight and cannot get out. No matter who we hear screaming, we will not be able to save that person." She said, her eyes were more serious than ever.

I nodded and said, "So let's do as much as we can while we're at it." "We have to protect everyone, right?" "...Sister, as I said before, the reason why I become a detective is not because I want to protect someone or seek the truth." "I know." ——I know that no matter what you say, the desire to protect others, and the desire to seek the truth, these are really in your heart. I put down my backpack, which contained six 500ml bottles of water.Fog Cut picked up one of the bottles and opened the cap. I took it for granted that she wanted to drink, but when I thought so, she spilled water on the corridor in front of the door of "301".

"Wait, wait," I scolded her in a low voice. "What are you doing!" "Didn't I say it, set a trap." While making puddles on the red carpet, Fogcut walked deep into the corridor. "So it is! As long as you walk in this flooded corridor, your shoes will definitely get wet. "And as long as you walk in a place where there is no water with wet shoes, you will definitely leave footprints. "If you sprinkle some water here and there in the hallway like this, it is impossible to walk by without leaving footprints. It takes time to wipe off the footprints one by one with a towel, and it is difficult to ensure that the footprints are gone in the morning. Will dry completely. If I were the prisoner, I would give up trying to kill tonight."

"Sister Wuqie, you are really amazing!" "No, this is a very common method. Actually, I originally wanted to use flour or starch, but it doesn't seem to be available here, so I replaced it with water." Even so, I didn't expect that crime could be prevented by using water that can be found everywhere. In this way, presumably the prisoner has nothing to do. "Okay, sister Jie, you go into the room first, there is almost no time." "I'll help you too." "No, my lord, your room is in the middle of the corridor, and you will leave footprints."

"Ah, that's it." "Leave it to me next." "Sorry, I let you do everything." "It's okay," Wuche shook his head. "As compensation... in the morning, can you come to me first?" "Of course." Wuqie seemed very happy, she smiled, and then disappeared around the corner of the corridor. You must be fine.Do-- The night time has come.It's a very cold night.Although he was indoors, the breath he exhaled turned into white mist.Wrapped in a blanket, I huddled in front of the heater. I don't know when the criminal will open the door and rush towards me. This kind of fear... As a detective, I am already mentally prepared to die at any time.However, under the current circumstances, can it be regarded as "death as a detective"?

While thinking like this, I quietly waited for the arrival of the night. Suddenly, I heard a person's voice.Is it an auditory hallucination? Recently, when I was under a lot of mental stress, I would hear my sister's voice from deep in my memory. It was a cry for help.Yes, this is just an auditory hallucination—— wrong.A cry for help came from the next room.The one on my right seems to be Meifu.She was crying as she knocked on the door. She is waiting for the detective to open the door and let her out of the room, but tonight's detective will not be dispatched, because a person who has neither the qualifications nor the consciousness to be a detective has obtained the "detective right".

Meizhou's voice asking for help lasted for quite a while.But when I came back to my senses, her voice could no longer be heard. I hope she is just tired and resting.Could it be that he was killed by the prisoner... I listened intently, my body trembling.I heard creaking noises in the house. As a child, I thought the noise in the house was incredible.It seems that there was another time when my sister and I climbed into the attic together, trying to figure out why there was such a sound.At that time, I thought there must be something moving on the ceiling. creak.creak.I heard something, a muffled human voice.

No, that was—a moan?And then came the... rustle... rustle... From the darkness came the sound of something being dragged.swish... swish... Who is doing what... Could it be that the person is dragging something in the dark?Just imagining it is scary. The darkness in the corner of the room is frightening.I was in my room, not even daring to turn my head, staring at the heater, like I was escaping reality. I want to yell.I have been suppressing this impulse, waiting for the arrival of morning.When I stayed up late to review before the exam, it was clear that morning came in the blink of an eye.This evening, morning did not come. At this time, I don't know what happened to the fog cut.In this case, is she still calm? Not sure if the water traps in the hallways would work.The prisoner must be surprised to see the way it looks in the corridor.And he will find that it is a net cast to catch him.If possible, I hope he can give up the idea of ​​killing people.The window finally began to light up slightly.I ended up not falling asleep at all. It's almost morning.I checked the time on my phone.Six fifty-five.It was the longest five minutes of my life.During this time, all I could think about was Kyoko Kirikiri.As long as I can get out of here alive, I will go find her immediately. I stood up and shook the door a few times.Not open yet.Finally—the sound of the door lock being opened.Meanwhile, I opened the door. Sure enough, the corridor was still wet, and there were no traces similar to footprints at a glance. While carefully checking my feet, I walked towards the depths of the corridor where the room where the fog cut was located. I came to room "308".There is not a single footprint until here.That is, no one walks in the hallway.Did the prisoner really give up his crime? Maybe we have won.I knocked on the door. The door in front of him opened, and the eyes of Wukiri who appeared there were a little red and swollen, with a blanket covering his head, as if he was playing a ghost. I couldn't help hugging her tightly.Her blanket fell to her feet. My tears came naturally, and my face and her hair were a little wet. "Great! You are safe and sound!" "You're exaggerating, Mrs. Jie." She said with a troubled look. "I'm not dreaming, am I? Am I still alive?" "Now is not the time to talk in your sleep. Sister Jie, did you come here before everyone else?" "Well, I'm the first." "Where are the footprints?" "No." "No?" "I have checked it carefully. Otherwise, you should go and have a look with me." "Ok." We came out of the room and walked towards the entrance of the floor.There were no footprints in the corridor on the inner side of the fog cut room. When we were walking in the corridor, Yehe and Xinxian also came out of their rooms. "It's such a refreshing morning." Ye He stretched while still holding the huge sum of money in her arms. "I didn't cut my wrists yesterday, and I didn't cut my wrists the day before yesterday! Every day is so full of life, even the corridors look so fresh!" It's such a joy to have a morning full of life after a night that feels like a near-death experience.Yehe seems to have fully experienced the feeling of being alive now, and I feel more or less the same as her.Ironically, it was "Black Challenge" that made us feel alive. "Good morning, everyone is safe and sound." This is a very quiet greeting. The new Immortal Emperor—this person is incredible.He looked like there was a deep, deep darkness in him, but at the same time, he looked like an ordinary person who just liked to play tricks.What did this man known as the god of death see here? We walked along the corridor together and came to Meifu's room.We knocked on the door. "Miss Meizhou, are you okay?" There was no response. The night time period is over, so there is no need to be locked in the room all the time, it should be possible to go out at any time.However, she still didn't show up, which means... Could it be! "I opened the door." I open the door.Meizhou's whole body was limp, lying on the floor next to the door. "Miss Meizhou! Are you okay!" I shook her shoulder. The feeling I touched...was warm. "Wow!" Mei Zhou suddenly yelled and jumped up. "It seems that you are all right." Xinxian said, he saw the indoor situation from the corridor. "I fell asleep before I knew it!" "Great..." I breathed a sigh of relief. "Probably because you cried for a long time and fell asleep because you were too tired. I'm worried about you." "Everyone all right? Great." Mei Zhou looked at us happily and came out of the room. "Wow, why is the corridor wet, is it a rain leak?" At this time, the belated Qicun appeared.His suit was still very sharp, and the man was really meticulous in his appearance. "You guys did the look in the corridor." Qicun looked at me and said to Wuqie that he understood really quickly.Let's postpone the explanation of this for now, and we will continue to walk along the corridor together. Room "302".We found something different. "Look, there are footprints." Wuqie pointed to the corridor.There are indeed footprints in front of the door that seem to have been in and out of the room. The footprints seem to have walked back and forth between room "302" and room "301". It seems that there is only one person's footprint. "I just went straight to sister Wuqie with all my heart, and didn't notice the footprints here." "Let's check it out." Fog cut opened the "302" room. This is the room at the end of Toriya.what we see is... Sitting on the floor on the right side of the bed, with his head resting on the mattress, Toriyao had passed away. The position and state of his body are almost the same as those of Chaxia at that time.The only difference is that there is a weird doll on the bed.I have an impression of this creepy puppet. It looked like the old woman who claimed to be Norman's mother's doll.When did it come to the room? Around the neck of this doll is something similar to a sign, with a neon pink X drawn on it. On the lower part, it is also written: "The second goal is revenge!" "Woooo...he, he's dead?" Mei Zhou asked hoarsely. Nanamura and Wu cut into the room and walked to the end of the bird house. The two detectives moved quickly.After putting on the black gloves, Kirikiri touched Toriyao's body to check the circumstances of his death.The two of them skillfully checked the situation on the spot. "Several hours have passed since his death. The cause of death was strangulation, strangulation." "Same as Mr. Chaxia..." I whispered. "He was dead when I entered the room last night," said a voice behind him. When I looked back, Minase was standing in the corridor with her arms folded. Mei Zhou was obviously hostile to him, and stared at him fiercely.It's no wonder that even though she desperately begged for help, Minase, who has "detective powers", did nothing. "I heard a terrible sound in the next room, so I came here to take a look, partly because I wanted to try the effect of the master key. The time is... about three o'clock in the morning. I opened the door and took a look, uncle It's dead. It hasn't changed a bit from that time, and the doll is already here. After that, I went back to my room to sleep." "Does that strange noise mean...it feels like it's dragging something?" I asked. "Well... maybe. No, it was the moans that bothered me more at the time." Moans!Speaking of which, I remember hearing it myself. My room and Minase's room are sandwiched between the room where the murder scene is located, which means that the abnormal noise that Minase heard is very likely to be the same as what I heard. Could it be the groaning sound that Toriyao made when his neck was being strangled... Thinking of this, he suddenly felt terrified. Could the sound of dragging something be the sound of moving a corpse?The condition of the corpse is exactly the same as that of Chaxia. From this point of view, it is very likely that the murderer arranged it on purpose. Why did the prisoner deliberately make the corpse like this... It's really a mystery. "Mr. Mizumase," Kirikiri asked. "When you entered this room, did you see other people's footprints in the corridor?" "Footprints...? No, I didn't notice it at all." The only footprints in the corridor were those who walked back and forth between Minase's room and Toriyao's room.Considering Minase's testimony, it can only be considered that this is Minase's footprints. Apart from this, there were no other footprints, which proved that no one had come out of the room last night. "Mr. Minase, are you a murderer?" Ye He asked. Sooner or later someone will say that. "W-why me?" "Because only you can access room '302'." "Wait, it's true that I have the master key of the 'Detective Authority'. But I'm not the only one who has the master key. The murderer also has it? The murderer came to kill the uncle." "Where did this murderer you speak of come from?" "how could I know!" "Sister Wuqie and I spilled water in the corridor last night," I inserted in the middle of their conversation. "If someone walked in the corridor last night, they would have left footprints. In this case, the only footprints were left by Mr. Minase when he went to Mr. Toriyao's room and when he returned. That's it." "So I killed the man? Are you kidding me! Uncle was already dead when I entered the room, it's absolutely true!" "Who knows if it's true," Ye He didn't seem to believe it. "You are a prisoner, but you didn't notice that the corridor was soaked in water, right? So you didn't realize that you left footprints. Ah, maybe you are trying to cover up this matter? Hehe." "No, it's not! I didn't do it!" Minase yelled, eyes full of suspicion focused on him. "You idiots don't understand anything!" Minase finally started yelling at the top of his lungs. "Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell! Let the murderers kill all of you! I will definitely get the 'Detective Right' at today's auction, I can! I know the way to win!" After Minase yelled, she went into room "301" and couldn't come out. "Mizu, Minase-san!" I called him through the door. "Who wants to stay with you people! I want to stay here alone, and no one is allowed to come near!" It's really repelling people thousands of miles away. "I seem to vaguely see his death." Xinxian said in a low voice. I don't want any more people dying.If this continues, the "Black Challenge" will really end with the prisoner's victory. We left Minase behind and went to the lobby on the first floor. Everyone sat on the sofa dejectedly.The fact that there are more empty sofas scares me again. "Mr. Nanamura," I whispered to Nanamura. "Do you know who the prisoner is?" "Mayue Yu-kun, who do you think I am? Among the 65,500 people registered in the detective library, the person who solves the case most quickly is me, Comet Nanamura." "I know that, but..." "I knew who the culprit was from the start." "Huh—?" I couldn't help but yelled. "Then why didn't you identify him? Let this game be over quickly." "Unfortunately, this doesn't work. Under the rules of this 'Black Challenge', I can't move freely for some reason." "Can't move freely for some reason... is it?" "However, it seems that it's time to enter the next stage." Said Qicun, and suddenly stood up.He put on the posture in front of everyone as if he was performing a drama. "Well, folks, I've told you that I'm a detective. And I've told you that this incident was forewarned." "You, why did you say this suddenly?" Mei Zhou stared up at Qicun with widened eyes. "Is it time to solve the chapter?" "Anyway, let's listen to what I have to say before you speak, you unparalleled beauty." Qicun raised her right hand to stop Meizhou from speaking. "Actually, the series of murders that took place in this Normanz Hotel this time are related to a certain organization." Nanamura finally starts to explain the Crime Victims Relief Committee and the Black Challenge they hold.And he also told everyone that the game is currently in progress. Meizhou, Xinxian, and Yehe each listened to Qicun with expressions of surprise or doubt. "Victims in the 'Black Challenge' are limited to those who have committed crimes in the past and were not punished for those crimes. Having said that, I have a question for you. Have you ever Participated in any crime? You can rest assured, I swear, I will not spread what you say here, no creature in the world is more secretive than a detective." "Wait a minute, please," Xinxian said, stroking her hair back. "If what Mr. Detective said is true, did Miss Uozumi, Mr. Chashita, and Mr. Toriyao who were killed also commit crimes?" "It's very possible. However, depending on the specific circumstances, the prisoner will also kill unrelated people. For this example, you can think that Uozuki is not the criminal, but the prisoner killed him for his own reasons." Yuzhu is actually a detective. Of course, there are criminals among the detectives, but she should not be.At that time, she did not have the words "revenge succeeded" written by the prisoner, so it can be considered that she was not the prisoner's target. "Excuse me..." Mei Zhou lowered her head and raised her right hand. "It turned out to be you, then confess your crime." "When I was a child... because there was still a copy of 'Silver Angel'...so I added a copy of the painting and sent it out, and then I received the toy jar..." "What are you talking about? What I'm asking about is the crime. The criminal should have been greatly damaged by the crime, not a trivial crime. If the next target is among you If so...then you should be aware of it.” "I don't know what to do." Xinxian said it very simply.From his eyes, I can't feel any lying elements, but it can be said that he has the expression of a saint, and it doesn't look like he is pretending. "Mr. Meizhou, how are you?" "Hmmm... If the little angels don't count...then probably bent a lot of spoons... Those who make spoons will probably hate me..." It seems that Meizhou has no idea.If her pumpkin-like behavior is all fake, then I can only applaud. "Yehe-jun, what about you?" "Is it... can't you just say nothing?" She looked at Qicun with flattering eyes and said, Qicun remained silent. "I know, I've said it all. In fact, I... have been married three times, but the household registration is still blank. Do you understand what this means?" "Cheat a marriage." "Oh, what is a cheating marriage? It's really hard to say. I love the men I marry because they will give me a lot of money. It didn't take long for the men to say that they had no money. Bye bye, that's all, aren't all men and women in this world like this." "Then the dead husband you mentioned when you introduced yourself..." "He died before I got naturalized." "How did he die?" "Swallowed a lot of medicine, fell asleep and died, saying that I couldn't afford the money. But is this a crime? I haven't done anything bad." ...I felt a chill. This person might be targeted by criminals. "Well, that's it, thank you for your confession." Qicun sat on the sofa with her arms folded. "Based on the current information, Mr. Yehe is likely to become the target of the criminal." "Huh? Why me?" Ye He tilted his head to express his doubts.I don't know if she is serious. "Where's Mizumase-san?" Shinsen said. "That person is a gnawing old man, it must be." Mei Zhou seemed to have completely hated him. "Although I also gnaw on the old, that person is a bad gnawing. A bad gnawing is destined to be hated by many people." "He must be the prisoner." Ye He said while crossing his legs.Is it really…… "What about today's auction?" Xinxian asked. "We can't just let Mizumase-san get the 'detective right' just like this, look at his confident look." "Is there really a way to keep winning at the auction?" Mei Zhou said in a puzzled manner. "He seems to already know something..." "I don't know how much money the big kid has left." Ye He said. I looked at my notes, which showed who paid how much at the auction.Judging from the content of the notes, this... "He succeeded in bidding at 50 million yuan last time," Wuqie said. "The first time was zero, so he has 50 million left." "50 million...but everyone has more money than this, right?" Even I currently have 80 million. This is where this auction gets complicated.If you pay a high amount, you can get a "detective right" once.However, due to the reduction of funds, it will be disadvantaged in subsequent auctions. Among all the participants, Minase has the least funds.Instead, he made a triumphant declaration.What exactly is going on? "Can you leave today's auction to me." Wuqie said suddenly. "Have you any ideas?" I asked her, and she nodded. "Of course, everyone decides how much to bid at the auction. However, I would like to advise everyone that it is best to avoid waste. The next auction will be a struggle between me and Mr. Minase... Be careful not to be implicated .” Wuqie announced like this. It looks like there will be another violent storm at the next auction... After we ate together in the hall, some of us went to the guest room to take a shower, and some of us dozed off on the sofa. Wuqiri and I decided to use room "303" as today's base.After we took turns taking showers, I dried my misty hair and braided it like yesterday. Toriyao's body was in the next room.Yet this period of time has been so peaceful and stable that it is almost impossible to imagine such a situation. "Sister Jie also heard voices in the next room last night?" "Well, I heard a groan, but at that time I thought it was an illusion..." Toriyao was strangled to death directly by hand, which means that the prisoner was in the next room at that time. "In addition, I also heard the sound of dragging the corpse, probably the prisoner moved the corpse to the bedside, but I don't know why it is necessary to arrange the corpse in that way." Have the corpse sit on the right side of the bed with the head resting on the mattress.What is the significance of this posture of the corpse? "Let's go check the scene, I have something to confirm." After Wukiri tied the ribbon, she went to the next room, and I followed her. The body of Toriyao was still there.It may be that my senses have become a little paralyzed, but despite seeing the dead body, I don't feel the slightest bit of fear or discomfort.However, when I approached the corpse, I still hesitated. Wuqie picked up the doll on the bed, and she walked to the window with the doll in her hand. Then, suddenly, she threw the doll through the barred window. However, it is conceivable that the puppet hit the iron fence and fell to the ground. No matter how you look at it, the puppet's body is larger than the gap between the iron fences. After Wukiri picked up the doll, he began to peel off the doll's clothes. "You, what are you doing, sister Wuqie." "Do you think I'm playing with a doll?" Wukiri seemed satisfied after taking off the doll's clothes, and put the doll back on the bed. She lost interest in the doll, and then began to walk back and forth between the two walls of the room, as if counting steps as she walked. "I said, sister Kirikiri, could the culprit be Mr. Minase?" "Hard to say." "But the only footprints in the corridor are the ones going back and forth between Mr. Minase's room and this room. It should be completely impossible for other people to commit crimes, right?" "On this point, it doesn't help to think beyond the facts. Except for Mr. Minase, no one has been in the corridor." "That really is—" "But there are still mysteries that haven't been solved," Wuqie pointed at the corpse. "The pinch mark left on Mr. Toriyao's neck, the direction of the finger is opposite up and down. If Mr. Minase is the prisoner, he opened the door and entered the room, then how to explain the pinch mark is upside down? .” "It's very simple. Mr. Toriyao was sleeping at the time, but I don't know if he was sleeping on the floor or the bed. Mr. Minase approached the sleeping Mr. Toriyao from the side of his head, and pinched his neck. neck." "Then why did he purposely sit the corpse beside the bed after that?" "Uh-um..." I could only hum. "Look, in addition to the pinch marks left by the fingers, there are indeed rope-like marks." "If you ask me to see it, I can't see it..." I stared at the corpse from a distance.How could I see such traces. "Why is it necessary to be so thorough in strangling a person's neck?" "It should be to ensure that he is killed, right? And I heard that the more timid a person is, the more wounds he will leave on the victim when he commits a crime." "That's a lot of work. What's the point of doing that..." Wuqie was talking to himself, and walked to the corridor alone, and I quickly followed.It felt like I was chasing a kid with ADHD around. Wukiri walked back and forth in the corridor while counting the number of steps. "What are you doing all this, sister Wuqie." "I'm checking the size of the room." "Then you can use a ruler to measure it." I took the tape measure out of my backpack.Fog cut turned to me with an angry expression on his face. "If you have a ruler, say it earlier." "You never said you needed this." "You should be able to understand what I'm doing." "The intention of your actions is so easy to understand." "Forget it, I don't want it anymore." Wukiri seemed to be angry, ignored the ruler, and continued to measure the distance with his feet. "Sister Wuqie," I called to her, and grabbed her slender wrist. "The thoughts in your mind have always been far ahead of me. I have tried my best just to catch up with you. But if necessary, you must ask me for help, although I can't do much .” I put the ruler in her hand.She turned her face away and said, "...I'm sorry." "It's okay, it's okay, I said too much, sorry." Wuqie went back to room "302" dejectedly. I think the more time I spend with her, the more expressions she shows.At first I thought she was an extremely rational person, but in fact she was a very humane girl with emotional ups and downs. I followed her back to the room. "Then what were you investigating just now?" "The thickness of the wall," Foggie said, touching the wall with his hand. "I wondered at first if there would be a gap between the rooms for a person, but that doesn't seem to be possible." There are people inside the wall... This reminds me of the murders that happened here before, but after calculating the thickness of the wall, it seems just whimsical. Fog cutting is ruling out every possibility one by one. If this continues, the last thing left must be the truth. We checked the luggage at Toriyao.There was only a change of clothes and a set of travel accessories in the large leather bag, nothing special, it was surprisingly ordinary. I thought Toriyao claimed to be a magician, and the bag might be full of magic props, but we didn't find anything like that. "Is this person really a magician..." "Until the end, he never showed us a magic show," Wuqiri said while shaking his head slowly. "If what Miss Uozumi said is true, then the identity of the magician is probably a complete lie." "The magician is only his superficial identity. This person is actually a liar who resells fakes." If Uozumi hadn't told me this, I might still have thought that Toriyao was really a magician until now. Afterwards, Wuchee took a ruler and began to measure the lengths of various places in the room.When she measured, she didn't write it down on paper. I don't know if she memorized everything. Anyway, I can't do it.In the end, she even measured the height of the corpse. "The height is about 175 cm... the weight is probably less than 60 kg, and the physique is almost the same as Mr. Chashita. The floor is about 2 meters from the bottom of the window... I can't reach it with my toes... If I raise my hand, my fingertips are about 2 meters away. I can barely reach it. Ah, I can't reach it..." Wuqie talked to himself for a while, then as if he had figured it out, he put the ruler into his uniform pocket. "Sister Jie, I want to do an experiment in the end, is that okay?" "What experiment do you want to do?" "Please, my lord, give me the most useless thing in the backpack." "You kid said something weird again," I opened the backpack to check the contents. "The empty bottle you used yesterday is useless." "That's it." Wuqie took the bottle and went to the window.She silently looked up at the barred window, then seemed to change her mind, and looked back at me. "Master Jie, I still have something to ask for your help, can I?" "What's up?" "Let me ride the neck." "...Do you want to look out the window?" Wuqiri nodded. I squatted down next to the fog cutter.Fog cut lifted her skirt and sat on my shoulders.Her body was so light it felt like a soft puppet, and her cool thighs touched my face.I just stood up and approached the wall, and the sight line of the mist cut was about the same height as the window. "See clearly." "Are you satisfied, mistress?" "Keep it like this, and get a little closer," Wuche stretched out his arms towards the window. "Listen carefully, my lord." The hand that Wuchee was holding the bottle pierced through the gap in the iron fence. "I'm going to let go and throw the bottle down," Mistcut announced. After a few seconds, the bottle that fell far below the ground bounced with a loud sound. "Thank you, you can put me down." I put her down as Wuqie said. "What kind of experiment is this?" "I was thinking there might be scaffolding right outside the window, the kind that's put together at a construction site." "scaffold?" Indeed, just looking out of the window, even if there is scaffolding directly under the window, it is impossible to see it. This is really an unexpected blind spot. "But the bottle fell straight down on the ground. If there was scaffolding, the bottle should have hit something." ...It seems that it can be confirmed that there is no scaffolding outside the window. But even with scaffolding, it's hard to imagine what that would mean.What is Kirikiri thinking? It seems that my mind still can't keep up with her thoughts. Six o'clock in the afternoon - time for the third auction.This time the portrait showed an old car. “嗨,各位晚上好。六点已经过了,今天的拍卖会差不多该开始了。顺带一提,俺是沉在沼泽里的车,代替诺曼他们来主持拍卖会,俺本身没什么特别的,你们不要想多了。” “赶快开始吧。” 水无濑踏进食堂,他肩上背着的登山包变小了一点。 现在的拍卖会上,已经形成了水无濑与其他所有人对峙的局面。 想到水无濑的态度和主张,这也难怪,可以说他是自作自受吧。如果他能够以侦探的身份承诺保护所有人的话,那就没必要跟他针锋相对了。但要是昨晚的事再次重演,那么我们就必须跟他正面对决,夺回“侦探权”。 然而水无濑却是一副满怀自信的样子。 为什么他看起来这么从容呢? 不管他再怎么挣扎也出不起5000万以上的价格,而这里所有的参加者手上留存的资金都比这多。 当然,为今后考虑的话,想必拿出来竞标的钱不会多于这个金额的一半。然而即使如此,在资金方面,水无濑仍然处于劣势。 他到底打算怎么取胜呢。而我们又该怎样才能取胜呢。 雾切说一切交给她。所以我选择相信雾切。 出价开始了…… “不好意思,这次'侦探权'归我了。” 水无濑这样大声宣布,然后走向出价隔间,其他参加者都只能张着嘴呆呆地看着。 “水无濑先生。”雾切叫住了他。 水无濑正要伸手去推出价隔间的门,他回过头来。 “很遗憾,这次是我赢了。” “……哈,”水无濑从鼻子里笑了一声,说道。“一个初中生,干吗跷课跑到这里来啊,好好完成义务教育之后再来跟大人叫板吧。” 撂下一句狠话之后,水无濑潇洒地走进了出价隔间。 顺带一提,初中生现在正在放寒假。 “不知道行不行得通啊,雾切妹妹……” “从刚才的感觉来看,应该没问题的。” 虽然不知道雾切的感觉从何而来,但她露出了微笑,一副十分有把握的样子。 大概五分钟过后,水无濑出来了。 一眼看去,他的登山包差不多都空了。 难道他把能投的都投了? “我最后一个出价吧。”雾切说。 美舟、夜鹤、新仙依次进了出价隔间。至少这一次,可以说他们跟我们是一个阵营的,这是暂时的联合斗争。只不过,我们之间没有资金的借贷,要是雾切想让他们支援资金的话,那么他们大概也不会这么轻易就相信她了。 话说回来,面对本来在资金上就处于劣势的水无濑,就算我们的资金额度增加,我觉得也没什么意义。 “那……我去了。”我走进出价隔间。 应该要赶快让“黑之挑战”结束,别再玩这种无聊的拍卖游戏了。我带着厌烦的情绪操作那台机器。 我出过价之后回到雾切身边。众所期待的雾切走进了出价隔间。 “喂,初中生!就算你被杀人魔杀杀杀我也绝对不会救你的!你就被杀杀杀个一百次吧!” 水无濑对着雾切的背影喊。完全搞不明白他在起什么哄。 没过多久,雾切出来了。鸣笛声响起,宣告了拍卖会的结束。我们立刻聚到了肖像画的屏幕跟前,眼睛从下往上一行一行扫过—— 大家都很统一。 Then-- 水无濑的资金还剩5000万。雾切预料到对方会把资金全部投入,所以多出了100万日元。比对方最大限度的金额还要多出100万,无论如何都赢定了。 However-- “活该!是我赢了!”水无濑大笑道。 ……我赢了?在出价结果一览当中,他的名字在雾切前面一个。 what happened?为什么他手上的资金会多于5000万?我完全搞不明白。 “我可没白白在家里宅十年,你这初中小孩!小鬼在想什么我一眼就看穿啦,哈哈哈……” "what?" “雾切妹妹,我们赢了!” “不出所料。”雾切撩了一下搭在脸上的头发说。 今晚的侦探就是我了。 “这、这这这、这是怎么回事?”水无濑抓着肖像画的边框拼命摇晃。“怎么一回事啊!为什么?为什么?” “我想经过那样的挑衅之后,你肯定就只会盯着我了。你出价'最大限度金额加上200万',用来跟'最大限度金额加上100万'对抗,这一点也跟我想得一样。” “可、可恶……” “放心吧,水无濑先生,不管你是什么样的人,今晚结姐姐大人都会保护你的,没错吧,结姐姐大人。” 雾切转向我,露出天真无邪的笑容。 Of course.既然我拿到了“侦探权”,那就不会让任何一个人死。 但是我自己都不太明白为什么我能够得到“侦探权”。我只是相信了雾切的话,按照她所说的金额出价而已。 水无濑出的价比他手上所持有的资金更高,这到底是用了什么办法才能做到呢。 “这样一来我的推理就成真了。”雾切用没人能听见的声音小声说,看来她似乎已经看到相当一部分真相了。 在夜间时段即将到来之际,我把所有人集中在大厅里,商量了一下接下来该怎么办。 “我想首先在房间分配上改进一下。我们不再继续把侦探安排在靠近楼层入口的地方了,我在最里面,也就是最后一个房间里,在十点到来的时候,依次将房门打开。” 侦探在“301”号室的这种模式,在到达最后的“308”号室之前,拐角后面都是视线死角,其间的时间太长了。如果反过来从里面的“308”号室开始的话,死角的时间会缩短不少。 “然后哪个人住哪个房间都由我来决定。” “喂,还有没有自由了啊!” 水无濑抱怨起来。尽管这人真的很没用,但我也渐渐觉得他有点可爱起来了。 “为了保护所有人,这也是没办法的。” I said categorically. 从“301”号室开始,依次是新仙、水无濑、七村、夜鹤、美舟、雾切、五月雨。 “等等,我的房间不是有老爷子尸体的那个房间吗,这种房间我绝对不要,不要不要不要!” “尸体我们会搬到里面的空房间去的。” “问题不在这里!我的意思是说我不想被关在放过尸体的房间里!” “真烦人啊,像你这种不听话的小孩,小心我这个成年人来给你一拳哦?” 美舟就像在练习拳击空挥一样,向着空气不断打出软绵绵的拳头。 “哦,有胆你就试试啊,南瓜头!” “讨论只会浪费时间,我在你隔壁,跟你换房间吧,”七村说。“怎么能为了这种事情浪费宝贵的人生呢。” “抱歉,那就这样吧,”我说。“对于房间的分配,还有人有其他意见吗?都没有问题吧?” 大家都点头了。 “那么请各位等着我,今天晚上侦探一定会赶来的!我不会让任何一个人死的!” 夜间时段来临了。我们全体来到三楼。之前楼层的走廊上都浸了水,但现在好像已经干了。 我跟雾切并肩向着楼层深处走去,在我们背后,人们带着一脸不安的表情进了房间。 一转角的地方就是雾切的房间。 “到了十点就打开门救人……想来应该是件很简单的事,但为什么都已经有两个人被杀了呢?” “因为我们当中有人扰乱气氛。”雾切不带感情地说,打开自己房间的门。 九点五十八分。考虑到犯人那边的时钟可能存在误差,还是提前进房间比较好。 “犯人果然是在参加拍卖会的人当中吗?” “嗯,”雾切点点头。“所以现在还不能放松警惕啊,姐姐大人。” "I know." 我们彼此点头致意,各自打开门进了房间。这是我第一次拿到“侦探权”的晚上。 不安,焦灼,绝不放过犯人的决心,以及一丝无所不能的感觉。 说起来,在我去侦探图书馆登记的那一天,好像也是这种心情。 坦白点说,我就是个没有任何才能的普通人,虽然在侦探图书馆登记了,但一开始完全不知道自己能做什么。但是,在我拿到侦探图书馆的登记卡时,我也得到了一种意志,告诉我自己不能只是哭泣,而必须要去战斗。成为侦探让我找到了在这个世界上活下去的理由。 一起小小的亲戚的恐吓事件,一起幼童绑架案(不过结果只是幼童自己制造的事件),一起规模很小的事件,在参与这些案件的过程中,我的等级升了一级。自己作为侦探得到了认同,这令我非常开心。 我做过的这些事情跟雾切响子比起来,大概没有任何意义。即使如此——“当侦探跟活着是同一件事”。 其实我也是这样的,雾切妹妹。首先我要去救你。 刚好十点。响起了上锁的声音,夜间时段终于开始了。我把事先准备好的总钥匙插进了门把手下面的卡槽。 The lock is open.我一脚把门踢开,跳到走廊上。我立刻去开隔壁房门的锁。不到一分钟时间。门一打开,雾切马上出来了。 分别和重逢仅仅相隔几分钟。然而我们顾不上为重逢而高兴,马上转过了走廊上的拐角。 走廊上比刚才要昏暗一些,四下空无一人。 不过这样一来,所有的房门都已经处在我跟雾切的监视之下了。 我打开“306”号室的门,美舟冲了出来。 我们顾不上管她,赶紧去下一个房间。 “305”号室,夜鹤已经在门边等着了。生还者的队伍逐渐壮大。 “303”号室,水无濑一边骂骂咧咧一边出来了。 “302”号室,是七村。 最后一个房间,“301”号室。打开门锁之后,新仙从里面出来了。这样人就都齐了—— “三分二十五秒,”七村看着手表说。“所有人都被放出来为止的时间,比想象的要快啊。” “太好了,大家都没事!”美舟蹦蹦跳跳非常开心。“我们打败了杀人魔!” “什、什么啊,只要有这个心就做得到嘛。”水无濑说。 第三次拍卖会的晚上,终于能够大家一起平安无事地迎来第二天了。 只有三分二十五秒。 我喘着粗气,感受着这个时间的分量。在这种异常的情况下,几分钟之间发生的事,也许就能够让未来发生翻天覆地的改变。 我们来到一楼大厅。 “夜间时段还没有结束,”新仙坐在沙发上说。“在早上七点之前,我们应该尽量避免单独行动。” “没错,现在还不能松懈。”侦探是不能睡的。 我没有坐沙发,而是漫无目的地在大厅里乱转。这也是因为这段时间我比较疲劳,要是坐着不动搞不好就会睡过去了。可能的话,我甚至很想打场篮球,不过人数不够了。 雾切一直跟在我后面。 “你去睡吧,没关系的。” “不,要是姐姐大人睡着了,我要负责把你叫起来。” “你觉得我信不过?” “不太信得过。” 不过,在此之前我的确曾经在监视的时候呼呼大睡,要说信不过也是理所当然。 我跟雾切在大厅里绕着圈走路,就像在散步一样,我们一边走一边说话。 “我说,雾切妹妹,你知道谁是犯人了吗?” “嗯。”雾切点头。 “这样啊……呃,咦?” “声音太大了。” “抱歉,但是你既然知道犯人是谁了,那就快点让'黑之挑战'结束啊。” “结姐姐大人,我们不是这次的侦探啊。之前那次犯人放弃抵抗自己供认了罪行,所以才算是我们得胜了,不过很难说这次犯人会不会认输。” “在这种情况下,就算雾切妹妹你的推理是正确的,也不能让'黑之挑战'结束吗?” “应该是吧……从规则上来说,必须是被召唤的那个侦探来解决事件才行。” “那我们去跟七村先生说。” “等等,这样做不太好。” “为、为什么?” “我还有些事情想调查,还是先不告诉他吧。” “咦,好、好吧……” 难道现在不是依靠七村的时候? 话说回来,雾切好像已经知道真相了。我跟她所看到的东西应该是差不多的,但为什么只有她得出了答案呢。我完全搞不清楚犯人是谁。 话说……犯人消失的手法,还有两间密室,这些谜团她都能够解开吗? 漫长得可怕的夜晚一点点过去,时钟终于指向了早上七点。坐在沙发上的人一个都没有少。 “结姐姐大人,恭喜你,大家全部生还。” “谢谢,这全都多亏了你。” 我在拍卖会上取胜也是多亏有雾切帮忙,关于晚上的房间分配,也是她给我的建议。结果,要说我做了些什么,大概就只有到处冲着去开门了。 暂且不论是谁的功劳,总而言之,只要大家都活着迎来第二天的早上,这就行了。救人——这个晚上我体会到了这件事有什么意义,有多么重大,有多么不容易。 夜间时段结束,我们再次获得了安全,于是集中在大厅里的人都各自散去了。强烈的疲劳感向我袭来。我决定在“301”号室休息。必须为下一次拍卖会做好准备。 虽说从规则上说是没有危险了,但目前已经有三个人遭到杀害,一个人在房间里睡觉似乎不大应该。但是我已经筋疲力尽了,一倒在床上就马上睡着了。 这种时候可不要做跟妹妹有关的梦了。我再也不想梦到死去的妹妹了——
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