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Chapter 4 25-32

Vajra Prajna Paramita Sutra 释迦牟尼 1127Words 2018-03-20
The twenty-fifth product, nothing can be divided Subhuti.What do you mean.Don't you wait for the Tathagata to do this thought.I should save sentient beings.Subhuti.Don't think about it.why.There is no one who saves sentient beings like the Tathagata.If there are all sentient beings, the Tathagata will save them.The Tathagata is the one who has me, everyone, and life.Subhuti.Tathagata said there is me.That is not me.And ordinary people.Thought it was me.Subhuti.Everyman.Tathagata is an extraordinary man.He is an ordinary man. The twenty-sixth product, Dharmakaya is not divided Subhuti.What do you mean.You can observe the Tathagata with the thirty-two phases.Subhuti said.If so.View the Tathagata with the thirty-two appearances.Buddha said.Subhuti.If you observe the Tathagata with the thirty-two phases.The holy king who turns the wheel is the Tathagata.Subhuti spoke to the Buddha.World Honored One.As I understand what the Buddha said.The Tathagata should not be viewed with the thirty-two physical features.Ershi Shizun.And speak gatha.

If you see me in color.Ask me with your voice. It is evil.Can not see Tathagata. The twenty-seventh product, no break and no death Subhuti.If you think so.The Tathagata does not rely on its fullness.Get Anuttara, Sanliu, and Bodhi.Subhuti.Don't think about it.The Tathagata does not rely on its fullness.Get Anuttara, Sanliu, and Bodhi.Subhuti.If you think so.Those who send out the heart of Anuttara, Sanyak, and Bodhi.It is said that all dharmas are destroyed.Don't think about it.why.Those who send out the heart of Anuttara, Sanyak, and Bodhi.In the law, it is not said that it will be destroyed.

The twenty-eighth product, not to be greedy Subhuti.If the Bodhisattva fills the world with the sand of the Ganges River and other seven treasures.Holding alms.There are people in Ruofu.Know all dharmas without me.You have to be patient.This bodhisattva surpasses the merits and virtues of the previous bodhisattvas.why.Subhuti.Because the bodhisattvas do not receive merit.Subhuti spoke to the Buddha.World Honored One.Yunhe Bodhisattva does not receive merit.Subhuti.The blessings of Bodhisattvas.Should not be greedy.That's why it is said that you are not blessed. The twenty-ninth product, dignity and silence

Subhuti.If anyone speaks.If you come, you will go.If sitting or lying down.It's people who don't understand what I'm saying.why.Tathagata.Never.There is nowhere to go.Hence the name Tathagata. The thirtieth product, a reasonable division Subhuti.If a good man is a good woman.With three thousand great thousand worlds.Broken into fine dust.What do you mean.It is a mote of dust.Would rather not.Subhuti said.many.World Honored One.why.If there are many dust particles.The Buddha does not say that he is a mote of dust.So what.The Buddha said that there are many dust particles.That is, it is not a mote of dust.It is called motes.World Honored One.Tathagata said three thousand great thousand worlds.That is, the non-world.It is a world.why.If the world exists.That is a conjunction.Tathagata speaks of a conjunction.That is, it is not a combination.It is called a conjunction.Subhuti.A conjunct.That is, it cannot be said.But ordinary people.Be greedy.

Thirty-first product, knowing and seeing are not separated Subhuti.If people say it.The Buddha said that I see people, all living beings, and life.Subhuti.What do you mean.It's people who don't understand what I mean.no.World Honored One.It is people who do not understand what the Tathagata said.why.The World Honored One said that I see people, all living beings, and those who live long.That is to say, it is not that I see others, see sentient beings, and see life.It's called "I see people, see all living beings, see life, see those who live."Subhuti.Those who send out the heart of Anuttara, Sanyak, and Bodhi.in all methods.Should know so.See you so.If so believe it.No dharma phase.Subhuti.The person who speaks the Dharma.Tathagata said.That is illegal phase.It is the name and law.

Thirty-second product, Yinghua is not true Subhuti.If someone fills the seven treasures of the world with immeasurable asamkhya.Holding alms.If there are good men and good women.Those who have Bodhicitta hold this sutra.And even four lines of gatha and so on.Read and read.Speak for people.Its blessing is better than that.Yun He speaks for people.Do not take from the phase.As if not moving.why.Everything has its own way.Like a dream bubble.Like dew is like electricity.It should be viewed as such.The Buddha said it is already.Elder Subhuti.And monks.Bhikkhuni.Upasaka.Upas.All the heavenly beings and Asuras in the world.Hear what the Buddha said.Everyone is happy.Believe and follow.

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