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  • In those years, the girl we chased together

    In those years, the girl we chased together


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    When Ke Jingteng was in middle school, he was a naughty boy with bad

  • Post-80s Siege

    Post-80s Siege


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    At present, under the impact of extremely inflated material desires

  • whose hormones are flying

    whose hormones are flying


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    Contents of this book: On the second day when I was frustrated in th

  • first love

    first love


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    The first love that lasted for seven years ended in Du Xiaofeng'

  • whale girl pond boy

    whale girl pond boy


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    The look in her eyes at this moment is eternal to me.One is a smart

  • Snail House (full version)

    Snail House (full version)


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    "Snail House" is another urban emotional masterpiece after

  • Du Lala 2: The Years Are Like Water

    Du Lala 2: The Years Are Like Water


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    I hope this fictional novel can have some practical significance to

  • Happy days like a dream

    Happy days like a dream


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    Many times we give up, thinking that it is just a relationship, and

  • Du Lala 3: I fought in this year

    Du Lala 3: I fought in this year


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    Stepping into 2007, some people are full of joy of harvest, while ot

  • round dance

    round dance


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    Fu Yuchen pulled me and taught me how to dance, and everyone formed

  • ping pong

    ping pong


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    All the curtains in the study room were not opened, and the dark bro

  • twins



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    Ji He sat still and recalled the happy episodes with Yiwen, in fact,

  • pale as a chrysanthemum

    pale as a chrysanthemum


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    Qiao, who is studying in Yingyin, admires the knowledge and characte

  • knives and knives

    knives and knives


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    Wouldn't you freak out if I told you that even though I'm a

  • Shanghai Fortress

    Shanghai Fortress


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    In 2008, Jiang Yang studied in the model actuarial class of the Depa

  • That Military School Love Song

    That Military School Love Song


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    The novel is about a group of girls in a military academy 20 years a

  • Hate



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    On a sunny morning, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragra

  • Marvin's War

    Marvin's War


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    The wonderful dialogue is hilarious, and there are tears in the laug

  • the dancer

    the dancer


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    Hai Yan's latest novel is Hai Yan's return to the theme of l

  • Mi Young's smile

    Mi Young's smile


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    The soft wind is thin, and the clouds are wiped.Under the blue sky,